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Squishmallow Pineapple 16 Inch

Squishmallow Pineapple is a peerless answer to your question! This delicious Pineapple is dandy for any project or party, with its soft skin and juicy Pineapple formula, you'll be in a hurry to squish this one into your home.

16 Inch Pineapple Squishmallow

This Squishmallow is an exceptional fit for a fun and delicious summer dessert, the Pineapple is mashed up with the help of an and a bowl of sugar water. The beneficial mix for a fun and vibrant summer dish, this Pineapple Squishmallow squish toy is a fantastic size for your little one's little mouth. The squish toy is fabricated of durable materials and imparts a warranty, this toy is sure to please. With its sweet flavor and loveable texture, this squish toy is sure to please, this is an 16 inch Squishmallow made from white, sweet pineapple. It is fabricated of plastic and presents a tag that says "kellytoys, " it is additionally covered in tulle for and is about 16 inches in length. The Squishmallow Pineapple is a delicious, small Pineapple that is superb for a fun and uncomplicated attraction, this Pineapple is 16 inches in circumference and imparts a bright green color with a pink squish. It is top for giving as a personalized Pineapple to your guests.