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Detective Pikachu 16 Inch Plush

A 16 inch Plush toy of the popular pokemon character, Detective pikachu, is available now, this new version is real-scale and will fit well into any nursery. With itscevada-certified (gigantic human-like figure) and it material, the Pikachu is first-rate for any creator who wants to create an epic story.

Cheap Detective Pikachu 16 Inch Plush

This 16 inch pvc Plush toy of Pikachu is inspired by the character out of ash hutchison's manga and anime series, Detective pikachu, this soft and cozy toy is an unrivaled addition to each pikachu-centric home, and is excellent for ages 10 and up. With first-rate value and unequaled fun, pokemon movie Detective Pikachu soft Plush 16 inch is an excellent add-on to each doll or doll house, this 16 inch Plush toy by Detective Pikachu is a top-rated addition to all pokemon fan's collection. This Pikachu is new real scale and will be a fan favorite at shea's and other events, this 16 inch soft Plush doll of Detective Pikachu is top-rated for an admirer digging for a fun and interactive play experience. With his shy speak and perky personality, this doll is sensational for any playtime adventure, this doll is further best-in-class for series of soft Plush dolls in your home with children who are searching for a fun and interactive play experience. This soft and cozy Detective Pikachu 16 inch soft Plush toy is a top-rated addition to your pokemon movie collection, with its sharp and angles, Pikachu is sure to be a favorite character in your next movie project. This soft Plush toy is a top-of-the-heap addition for any pokemon movie lover.