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Delta 16 Inch Scroll Saw

This is a peerless Saw for folks hunting for an affordable and high quality Scroll saw, this Saw features a Delta 16 inch Scroll Saw jig Saw drive wheel pulley. It also features a rockwell 16 Saw kit drive wheel pulley, this allows you to operate either with your Delta 16 inch Scroll saw.

Delta 16 Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This is a top-notch combination of a Scroll Saw and a jig saw! This two part jig Saw presents a Delta form factor and can be used for maple, oak, and hickory wood working, the name is on the blade and the 16" length of the Scroll Saw makes it peerless for tree work. The trunnion bracket and clamps make it facile to keep on top of your saws work, this Delta Scroll Saw grants 16 inch rockwell Scroll angle guide and trunnions. This Saw renders an of f and the price is $2, the Delta homecraft 16 inch Scroll jig Saw trunnion bracket clamp is for use with Scroll saws with an 16-inch depth first, it is produced of heavy-gripped, weather resistant plastic and extends a precision-fit design that makes it stable and comfortable to use. The clamps are bounce-resistant and offer a stable mounting system for the Scroll saw, this Delta 16-inch variable speed Scroll Saw is a practical addition to your home-craft workplace. It features a rockwell 16 inch jig Saw badge nameplate and tag, as well as a Delta 16 inch Scroll jig Saw tag, the Saw is furthermore backed by a protection plan that includes Scroll Saw protection, nicking and tuscan arms protection.