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16 Inch Rims For Dodge Ram 2500

This 16 inch rim For Dodge Ram 2500 is a peerless value and enticing For reflective vehicles, it is a popular surrogate For many this rim is produced of durable materials that will last and is available in a variety of colors to choose from.

Cheap 16 Inch Rims For Dodge Ram 2500

This is an 16 inch Rims For a Dodge Ram 2500 that we have, they are reflective and have a stripe decal For the 10-18 inch tire. They are also a stripe decal and they will show in the dark, it is available in a stripe or decal form. The stripe form takes the logo into the center of the strip, while the decal form takes the logo out of the stripe form andffffff%nbsp;nbsp;izes it, both forms must be placed on the wheel at once to function. This is an 16 inch rim For the Dodge Ram 2500, it is a follows the of the car. It is a punishment fit and it will hold on the bike well, it gives a reflective stripe on each end to make it easier to see. It's a reflective rim with laser stickers on it, it's 18 inches long and it provides 18 sticker strips on it. It's also 18 inches wide.