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16 Inch Bass Drum

The remo powerstroke 3 Bass drumhead is an excellent substitute to add a professional touch to your Bass drums, this Drum head gives a blue-tinted finish and a white strip down the side. It's valuable for creating a more professional look or using with live instruments.

16 Inch Bass

The tama maple Bass Drum is an exceptional substitute to add some color and life to your Drum set, the Drum is manufactured of tama maple material and is 12 purple fade black nickel. The ludwig accent cs combo tom Bass Drum is a top-of-the-line alternative to add a country atmosphere to your live sets and cathedral style performance, this Drum set includes an 16" wheel and a comfy-sized 14" wheel. The 14" wheel is push-type and provides a moredn't-the-foot feel, while the 16" wheel is type-wise larger and features a sound, the head of this Drum set is recycled from the ( junior i and ii it's a - features a nice, deep red color - and is used on other big Bass drums in the industry. It needs " head, as the Drum set itself gives a small size, this Bass Drum set is manufactured with quality materials and will perform better than expected. It's a first-rate addition to live set or performance, the pearl 16 championship series Bass Drum is a quality Drum that is designed for use in marching bands and other large fan-sized bands. This Drum is produced from durable and durable wood, making it a fall-safe way for any band, the 16 inch size also makes it an enticing size for large stages or big shows. The ludwig accent drive 16 x 22 inch Bass Drum is a top-of-the-line surrogate to add a bit of extra rock to your rhythm section, the Drum is accent drive which makes it more sensitive which makes it top for more lead or lead sieve music. The black sparkle design gives the Drum a bit of a luxury edge.