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16 Inch 6 Lug Rims

Looking for a wheelset that will help you achieve a good hunting and functioning truck? Search no more than the 16 inch 6 Lug rim wheel set from the frontier xterra pathfinder, this set includes 2 of 6 Lug rims. When it comes to wheels, they know how to make a good thing work.

16 Inch Steel Rims 6 Lug

This 16 inch steel rim is a sensational substitute for a mercedes sprinter van 2500, it is 6 Lug steel and is workable for many drivers. It is a large wheel for a van, and renders a large size for an 1956-1957 car, this rim is a good alternative for individuals digging for a large wheel for their car. The 6 Lug Rims are unequaled way for a person digging for a wheel that will fit into their vehicle, the Rims are made of steel for durable use and are 16 inches in circumference. They also have a small hole in the center so that you can fit any without, our rolling 8-1/2 inch bored and finished bullet hole Rims are valuable fit for your car. They are made of 6-lug steel and have an oem handle, they are also made of durable synthetic leather. The 16 inch 6 Lug Rims are made of stainless steel and are get even better with a new bf citation 6 Lug dually wheel simulators bolt on, these Rims are all that are left after the bf citation 6 Lug dually wheel simulators bolt on. These Rims are peerless addition to vehicle and will give your vehicle a modern look.